Exam Stress May 6, 2015 07:25

Yikes! Exam time is looming and stress is running high.  There are several things you can do both to reduce stress and to aid performance for this difficult time of the year.  B vitamins can be a very useful tool for supporting the nervous system and the adrenal gland.  Viridian high-5 B complex is an excellent product which can aid in this way.  Another useful product is Higher Nature's Balance for Nerves which combines B vitamins with Theanine and other nutrients all aimed and reducing stress levels.  Did you know that your sense of smell is vital when it comes to memory recall?  Because of this, essential oils can be a useful study aid, and, even better certain oils can increase the flow of blood to the brain, aiding with memory formation and retention.  Rosemary oil as well as Atlantic Aromatics study blend can be very helpful.  There are also several flower essences which can be useful for exam time.  Jan de Vries Confidence essence, Australian Bush Flower Confid, Cognis and Emergency Essence and the good old Rescue Remedy/Healing Herbs 5 Flower Remedy are all ones to consider.  Don't hesitate to call in and ask for more information on any of these products.